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consolidation loans

                   A consolidation loan may be a good option if you’re trying to pay off multiple loans, credit cards
                   and other debts all with different payments on different dates at different rates.
                   Paying off multiple debts with a new consolidation loan can help in the following ways:

                      One manageable lower monthly repayment.

                      Often a much lower rate than credit cards.
                      Fixed rate & fixed term.

                      Know when your debt will be settled.
                      Reduced stress.

                   Debt            Balance   Monthly              New Loan

                   Credit Card A   £9,000    £300pm
                                                                  Consolidation Loan = £26,000
                   Credit Card B   £6,000    £180pm

                   Loan A          £7,500    £250pm
                                                                  Rate 6% PAF = 10.85% APR
                   Loan B          £3,500    £150pm
                   Total:          £26,000   £880pcm              60 monthly payments of £567pm (approx.)

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