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about us

                       As finance brokers, we strive to find the best possible financial solution for your needs.
                       We take away the hard work and research thus reducing the stress to you. We spend
                       time to understand all elements of your requirements in order to recommend the most
                       appropriate finance facility for you. Using our vast knowledge of the local finance
                       industry, we package your full proposal along with supporting information to give you
                       the best chance of being successful at terms which are acceptable to you.

                       Trust, integrity and confidentiality are core to us as we strive to build long term
                       relationships with all of our clients, and we constantly aim to deliver the best possible
                       solutions for you. We operate completely transparently, discussing all steps of the
                       process with you to keep you up to date with our progress. We can work outside of
                       business hours to better serve our customers’ time pressures with work and family.

                                   Adrian Welch                              Luke Welch
                                   Director                                  Account Executive
                                       07781 128706                              07781 449694

                          Fortuna, 11 Acacia Clos, Rue Mainguy, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8NN

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